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Classical /Literary allusions to Timbaktoo More about history and culture of Timbaktoo
For most people Timbaktoo refers to an elusive,enigmatic place in a faraway world, but to the persons who knew it ,it was a shining beacon of wisdom and richness.
So it isn't a surprise when history tells us that the present day place called Timbaktoo or Timbuktu as it is also called, which lies in the western African nation of Mali at the edge of the Sahara, was once known as the "Athens of Africa", "Mecca of the Sahara", "Black Pearl of the Desert" ,and the "African El Dorado".
Persons from all over ,came to it in search of wisdom and happiness.
Thus ,as our own little endeavor is towards providing easier access to relevant information, it is very apt ,we think, that this enchanting and luring phenomenon of Timbaktoo ,which has been a symbol of knowledge and prosperity, is a source of inspiration for our humble effort.

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