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from the net, by the net and for the net .

Why this site ?

This arises from two basic ideas or thoughts;

1.  To show some genuine gratification for the phenomenon called the internet.We all have gained so much ,and keep doing so with each passing minute because of this but since it has become almost  ubiquitous and imperceptibly obvious, that we take it for granted.So let us take a moment and try to contribute back in our small way.

2.  Trying to find a more precise ,more human method of searching or finding things on the net. We have all come across "showing 1-25 of 500,000 results" for a simple word query, which almost puts us off,not mentioning that the accuracy of the results shown almost goes haywire after several pages.

How it works?

Go to the ASK section ,and simply ask   whatever you want to find or get,similar
to what we do on a search engine.only that the response will be a lot different ie. your response
will be mailed to you,in a very relevant,specific manner.
Our focus would always be on providing only limited but highly specific and meaningful material(whether it might be files,links or plain references)

Go to the SHARE section , find various queries listed by everyone else and see if
you can help someone out ,with some material ( files ,links or plain guidance) that
you have with you.

that's it .simple ,no?

so ,

Ask, Share, Enrich.

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