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Don't just be an advertizer,become a Sponsor.

What do you get when you sponsor a query?
For any advertizer ,the two parameters which are of paramount importance are
a) Space/location of the ad, and
b) Duration for which the ad is placed.
On both these counts ,when you sponsor a query,you get an opportunity to promote your brand in a
a manner ,that is virtually unheard of.

1)You get to display your brand, right next to the specified query (under the Ad/sponsor) column, and that too forever . Yes, you read it right, as long as query remains on our site,your logo/image stays put alongside it.

2)Your brand is displayed exclusively on the query response page corresponding to the particular query you sponsored.

3)You get to display your brand in the response that may be sent to most queries by email to their mailboxes.So, in this way, your ad finds a sure,dedicated audience .

So, don't just be an advertizer, become a Sponsor.
Grab this incredible offer , Now!!!
Although .these 3 advertizing options may also be available seperately in future,but
all three together are an unbeatable combination ,which you get ,when you sponsor a query.

To know more, about advertizing modes and pricing options,please fill this form and
we will provide all the details to you.


You may also contact us at
After having decided the package that suits you the best,you can make the payment
through PAYPAL using this link.
You will receive a confirmation mail within 24 hrs of receipt of payment,and your sponsorship shall
be activated right away.