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Disclaimer: does not support or indulge in any illegal activity in any which way.
Team Timbaktoo(TT) basically uses all the major search engines and other tools on the basis of cues provided by the users to find the material, information asked by him/her.
All files are the property of their respective owners.
Please respect the publisher and the author for their creations if any file is copyrighted.
Also TT is in no way responsible for the files or their source when they are submitted or shared by the users.
If any case of copyright infringement is brought to our notice by its rightful owner,the corresponding file or its link will be immediately removed and its submitter's account may also be banned from future use.

Privacy policy :
The information provided by the users (primarily, their email -id) is very needfully used to send them the information /material that they asked for, to their respective mailboxes. It shall never be shared or used for any other purpose.
Any other information like city, occupation etc filled in the feedback form is aimed for knowing our users little more, so that we may be able to serve them better.