you ask,you get,

How you wish, what you needed could
fall in your lap ( or your mailbox ie.?)
You need info for the next assignment/ppt/ project but just don't have time . How u wish someone trusted could do it for you!
It is nearly impossible to explain to a search engine what you exactly need , as more the no. of words,the narrower and incomplete the search.
You type a simple query & get "showing 250,000 results" instead , where relevance and accuracy go haywire after a few pages.
You have landed on a site through the search but the most relvant files aren't free/you need to sign up a long form,disclose ur personal info.
There are more ads than content, download links are bogus,download gateway is complex with time and data limits.
You were not born into the most net savvy generation or simply don't like the hassle of searching the needle in the haystack (read as,getting perfectly relevant,specific material from the world wild web.)
You don't know exactly how and where to look for free ,copyright-free , downloadable files relating to your specific field.
to this
unique file-request cum file-sharing platform
based solely on the human network.

Use it


make it better.